Pilot Fude-Makase


If you like brush pens but find large nibs too difficult: Let me introduce you to the lovely Pilot Fude-Makase, a fantastic Japanese brush pen with a small felt tip that enables small letters, fine details and, above all, relatively simple lettering. It is perfect for Bujo pages, invitations, labels, envelope addresses and cards. it’s a great practice pen for both beginners and the more experienced illustrator or lettering artist. It is TOTALLY wonderful!

In terms of size, it is the smallest in my brush pen family, slightly smaller than the regular Pentel Brush Sign, but perhaps in line with (no pun intended) the smallest size in the Pentel Brush Sign 3-p. However, the difference is that Pilot Fude-Makase is available in more colors and is sold individually.

Because it has a felt tip (albeit a small one, and therefore a little less sensitive), the Fude-Makase does very well on smooth paper. I recommend my smooth-block or other fine quality paper with a smooth surface, so the tip will keep its shape and stun as long as possible. Japanese pen manufacturing brilliance meets Swedish quality paper and sweet music ensues, I promise!

Pilot Fude-Makase is sold individually and is available in seven colors.

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