BIC Intensity base colors

From 9,50 

For those who want to start lettering: BIC Intensity is a hot tip! Here you will find affordable sets of 12 or 6 clear and water-soluble base colors. The pens have a medium-sized brush tip, roughly in line with the Koi Brush, Pentel Brush Sign Twin and slightly smaller than the Karin Brushmarker PRO, and as a bonus there is also a fixed small bullet tip at the other end, which also makes it suitable for calendars and BuJo.

The brush tip is made of felt, like many other similar medium-sized brush pens, which means it can wear out quite quickly. But on the other hand, it is incredibly affordable, and as a beginner, it often feels good not to work with too expensive material, which can inhibit practice. You will probably run out of these, just like you would with other similar pens, but you will learn a lot in the process! You can also use the little bullet tip to make lots of fun details that match the letters. You can also use the brush tip as a highlighter in your BuJo.

As usual with felt tips, they do better with good paper, I would recommend smooth or coated.

The pens are available in sets of 12 or 6 colors.

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